When is a good moment to hand our children their first cell phone?

Every parent ask themselves this question when their child ask for a cell phone. As a parent you should now that a cell phone in the hands of a child represents a strong communication and media production and sharing device. From that moment your child can make photos and videos, write text messages which can easily be shared with everyone on social media websites.

If you think your child is ready to use the cell phone you need to make sure they use it responsibly. There are some questions you should consider before actually going to the store and buying them a cell phone:

  • Are you considering buying your kid a phone for security concerns?
  • Are they willing to comply with limits regarding the number of minutes and amount of data used on the cell phone?
  • Are your kids responsible enough to let you know when they leave the house and where are they going outside? Are they returning back home at the hour they said they will?
  • Is your kid losing stuff such as books, lunch boxes or homework? Be aware that this way they might lose their phone also.
  • Are they going to use the cell phone responsibly? You need to make sure you teach them not to text during courses in school, upload and distribute pictures and videos with inappropriate content or they don’t harass other kids online.

If all these questions above are answered and you decide buying your kid a cell phone, note that this is only the first step. You should consider installing a good cell phone tracking software or a keylogger. There are good free keylogger programs that can help you with the monitoring process in the first months of year or at least until you are absolutely sure your kid is using their phone responsibly.


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