5 Useful Tips to Heal from Smartphone Addiction

This is not about kids and their Smartphone Addiction as you were probably thinking. This article is about you and your device and social media addiction. Are you constantly texting, over sharing, checking and changing your Facebook status every 2 minutes or playing Candy Crush every time you have 2 minutes off? As you guessed, you might have a Smartphone Addiction. There is no doubt that the technology surrounding us today distracts us in every possible way. Did you think that spending so much time on your smartphone, either is Facebook or Candy Crush or any other app and game harms your child indirectly? Instead of giving your kid the attention he deserve you spend precious time on your smartphone. How to get rid of this bad habit? Please find below some useful tips that might help you cure your Smartphone Addiction.


  1. Lower your phone volume, turn off social media notifications and alerts. If you can’t turn off your device completely, turning off your phone notifications and alerts will prevent you being distracted every two seconds when someone post a photo on Facebook. If you are using your personal phone for work also, make a special list with people you want to contact you anytime and assign special alerts to them.


  1. Don’t always use your phone to Google for minor things. Try your best to remember them instead. Not only that will improve your memory over time but will also make conversations with your friends more fun. Of course I don’t refer here to Google for important information such as allergy details or specific or technical description you can’t be aware of.


  1. Install some parental control apps on your smartphone. You got that right. There are a lot of useful apps you can install on your smartphone that might help you manage your device and social media urges.


  1. Read more, play more, spend more time outside every time you have the chance. There are a lot of fun activities you can do with your kids that will help you forget about your smartphone or how many lives you have left on Candy Crush. Meditation practiced for 5-10 minutes on a daily basis will enrich your soul experiences and keep you focused on important things.


There are many tips out there waiting to be discovered by you. I just presented a few of them that I think they can provide a healthy start. You can try different techniques as you progress. You will see that as time goes by you will appreciate more spending time with the loved ones than checking your phone.


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